Ride the wave with CPR Systems

Electronic cash management is the "wave of the future" and CPR Systems' new electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) could be just the cash management solution you've been looking for.

CPR Systems is dedicated to bringing businesses of all sizes, solutions to all their electronic fund transfer (EFT) needs including:

  • Payroll Direct Deposit
  • Automated Accounts receivable & Payables
  • Returned Check Representment
  • IRS Federal-State e-file
Electronic Funds Transfers is the ANSWER! Large corporations and financial institutions have used the EFT system for some time. Expenses associated with setting up an EFT program have made it prohibitive for small and medium sized businesses. UNTIL NOW!

WE HAVE THE “SOLUTION “ to your EFT needs.

Within a 48 hr period, the EFT process allows transferring of pre-authorized debits or credits from one bank account to another. This electronic computer based process requires the use of specially licensed software. ***All transactions are governed by the Federal Reserve Banking System.***

With electronic transactions and on-line banking becoming the norm, customers and employees are demanding these services. Now any business, regardless of size, can utilize EFT’s.




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